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Tuesday, 26 November 2013



hi cathy - i read somewhere that 11/11 is also Pocky Day (probably in Japan) because the 11's resemble pocky sticks. makes sense. i just bought a box of pepero "nude" at a filipino bake shop.


I hadn't heard of "Pepero Day" until we happened upon it (and didn't think of looking for 'Pocky Day' displays elsewhere, although that makes sense.). It was a fascinating display (do you see the "LOVE" sideways under the airplane? )(Thanks for reading to the end of the post, cc)


now that you've pointed it out, i noticed that the plane is made of Pepero sticks!!!! ha ha! so cool!


I checked out the place next to this - named '0410'. Just by the amount of squid/pork/whatever-non-existent protein they put into their dishes (even though the noodles is advertised to have some variety of them), you would start to wonder if the owner is from the Great North Korea. Despite have a flow of customers, the cashier would insist their customers not to pay via credit card, likely due to the overhead they'd need to pay. Just terrible.


I haven't tried the noodle place yet, NK, but dishes I saw being picked up looked like there was quite a bit of protein on top. I noticed all the 'Food Court' businesses as well as Zion were listed for Small Business Saturday and know costs cut into profit; all businesses try to make a profit; we try to use cash for those places. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog.

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