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Wednesday, 23 October 2013



Do you think this place is worth a special trip to try ? Or is it pretty much a 'if you're INSIDE Zion, maybe try it out' kinda place...

It's nice that they warm the bowls though before serving the customer


Hi Faye - To me not worth a special trip. OK if you're hungry and in Zion market (and don't want Korean food) or work very close by.


If the bowls aren't disposable, why must the spoons be? At least the bowls don't *look* disposable. But even with that, I've never heard of disposable stock pots (then again, I have dropped one or two off at Goodwill in my time).


It looks spot on but it just boils down to the taste.


Hi Jan - I agree, look at Mitsuwa Food Court.

Hi Billy - Taste and execution....

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