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Tuesday, 01 October 2013



Wait, you haven't been there in 3 years? I thought you went all the time!

The last time I went my coworker and I timed the service. 2 minutes, 1 second from order to bowls hitting the table.


LOL, Not sure about being fast is a good thing, but a green card wife is ftw! ;-)


Hi MrZ - It's usually Lucky or Cow Cali for us. I can't believe how fast they get your pho to you's almost scary.

LOL Billy! FTW........score!!! ;o) You made my morning.....

Catty Critic

Don't tell my husband about the new trend. He may trade me in. ;D

Making me crave Vietnamese again and I just had it last Saturday for the first time after a long long while. We go to Pho Ca Dao & Grill in Rancho Bernardo since it's near my sister's house. I'm still bitter about the fact that it's at least a 1/2hr drive (sans traffic) for me to find decent Vietnamese food in LA.


Would never happen Rosa! He should be smart enoguh to know he has a good thing. You know, a half hour drive is nothing for us....we drive all the way to the SGV to get good Chinese!

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