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Monday, 07 October 2013



Hi! Any idea what the wings taste like without sauce? I tender to prefer plain wings.


Very bland Soo. So you prefer wings with no batter, just "naked"?


I like batter just no sauce on the wings. Some of the places I get naked wings:
gala chicken
khan's cave
golden chopsticks
magnolia tap and kitchen
sab e lee
south park abbey
trifecta tavern

If a place has good bbq sauce I'll get it on the side and dip the wing slightly.

When you say bland is it like the gala chicken wings? I like how gala chicken seasons/marinates their chicken so you have subtle flavors but it's mostly just the taste of fried chicken. I do find hooter's wings bland as it doesn't taste like they do anything to their naked wings other than fry them as they expect you to get them sauced.


I guess you can ruin perfectly good wings...


Hi Soo - The wings aren't really seasoned and need the sauce here. By naked, I mean without batter/breading. I need to get back to Gala. As for the rest; Sab E Lee tends to overfry their wings, Golden Chopstick is good if you eat it there, it gets soggy quickly. I recall the wings at Khan's Cave were the best item I've had there. I've not been too impressed with the instore restaurants at WF, but that's just me.

Apparently it's quite easy Billy.


Thanks for the info! I guess I don't like wings naked. Just without sauce. Khan's Cave is my fav place for wings but I go through the rotation for variety. Trifecta Tavern isn't great but I don't know where else to get wings when I'm in that area.


At first I thought the title was a typo, that you forgot the "t" in "Just". Odd name - Jus Wings? Too bad the wings weren't that great here. My favorite is Mandarin's salt and pepper wings and Que Huong's fish sauce wings.


At least you gave it a second chance :) That jerk chicken in the first photo looked really really strange. The green stuff looked like the sweet relish you get out of that weird vending machine at the Costco food court for your hot dogs.


Hi CC - Which "Mandarin" nowadays I prefer Mandarin Canton to Royal Mandarin, even though they're the original.

Hi Faye - It really looked nothing like any "jerk" sauce/rub I know of.


Ugh, I hate when wings get fried too long. My tolerance for bad wings is pretty high but it's just hard to eat over-fried ones.


Like leather Carol! ;o)


hi kirk - the mandarin across from SWC makes our fave wings. :)


Oh this one:

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