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Thursday, 03 October 2013



That's some good eaten. I miss me some uni from Redondo beach.


What day did you come? I had the exact same items!


Hi Billy - Yes, it was.

Hi TFD - The night before you all went.


Congratulations! (on the dance)


Awesome...and haven't had the "delici-oso" dance break out in a long time!


Ed deserved the congrats Jan.......

That's so true's been a while!

Ed (from Yuma)

I had a great time. Sorry I can't add much commentary to the wonderful pictures as I was too busy tasting and talking to take notes. But I do remember the sour gelees with the ankimo. The sashimi plate was outstanding - the fresh sardine was a revelation and the hamachi and kanpachi (??) were both very good. The tako was tender and presented wonderfully. The blowtorched barracuda was amazing and . . . Anyway, thanks so much, Kirk, for guiding us through a great meal and letting me see Take showing his taste and skill .


I'm glad you enjoyed it was a pleasure as always.


Hi Kirk. I went to Sushi Tadokoro yesterday and Tadokoro-san told me about the new Health & Safety Code that went into effect 1/1/14 that requires food handlers of ready-to-eat food (sushi qualifies) to wear gloves. The enforcement is currently in a soft rollout period where restaurants are given warnings, but eventually could be subject to fines. Tadokoro-san wanted his customers to sign Andy Matsuda's petition on, or, to petition the California Legislature directly. I figure that with your blog readership, you may have a greater ability to make an impact than I. :-D


Hi Toshiko - Thanks for letting me know! I'll make sure to post.

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