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Monday, 21 October 2013


Ed (from Yuma)

Great post. I went back and read the first post, which was fascinating also. This place seems amazingly different from the standard lunch time choices.


Wow, this post is full of WIN. everything you ordered from each visit looks great, especially the flat bread with mushrooms. I love how fresh everything is over here.


Thanks, Ed. This place is such a great find; one of only two where I have had to go back to try again within a week of the first visit. The location and atmosphere are unique.
Thank you, cc. I really think this is my favorite place ever, and love that it's so not a 'fancy' see and be seen nor is it a total hole in the wall. So happy you know about it, too.


I eat here about two to three times a week and have found that the food has become much more consistent as the crew has gained experience. The agua fresca's are also always fantastic, and breakfast is better in many aspects than lunch!


You must work there or very close, dereck, how fortunate. Yes, I need to do a breakfast post-those eggs are magical and the aguas frescas are inspirational; I've tried to duplicate some at home.


I can't believe the location of this place - I've seen alot of reviews for it and the pics you have make it a destination spot i need to try soon. The Prosciutto salad for $8 seems reasonable as does the Goddess salad. I wonder if they have free wifi here?


Most people I've seen here are on a break from work at the Nautilus Campus, which are mostly life science companies working on Research and Development. Never have seen anyone on wifi or even checking their mobile phones; they probably are online at work and meal/break time is just that. The food is excellent and so unexpected-not a 'company cafeteria' atmosphere in the least.


I work in just next to the Nautilus buildings, so it is only choice within a couple minutes of walking. Bella Vista Social Club is another good one to try, which overlooks the ocean and some people think is better food than Green Acres. There is wifi in Green Acres, and if the code isn't posted, you can get it off the dry boards in the conference rooms connected to Green Acres.


Thanks for the wifi information, Dereck. A few blogger friends have been to Bella Vista (Pink Candles, Radiused Corner and Jinxi Eats) during the weekday and The Mister and I have planned to try it for weekend brunch. You are fortunate to have your job in that area; it is San Diego.

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