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Thursday, 19 September 2013



I'm not sure why, but I was surprised to see you review this spot. I actually like my oyster pancake to be on the starchy side so it's about the only dish I've liked here. They actually make pretty good snow ice and some decent boba drinks, but I haven't really enjoyed their savory food dishes.


Definitely not PINGO!

It's been awhile but I use to visit this joint often when I was in CalPoly. Q Noodle House - 18930 Gale Ave
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Have you been to it?


You are far more diplomatic than I would have been. To start, the title would have had the word "No" in it... My first thought was that the chefs must be smokers...and their tastebuds are dead.


It's probably because I'm past the age demographic for places like Tea Station Kirbie! Though I thought I'd give the place a shot.

Hi Billy - So it's in the same plaza as Sam Woo, huh? I think this place opened up after we left Hacienda/Rowland Heights. I'll have to give it a try.

Hi Cathy - The cooks looked like young I'm thinking undeveloped tastebuds.


i went here once and didn't like anything that i ordered. bawan was the worst offender of them all.


Hi SDF - So I'm guessing our experience is not just a "one-off" then......


I think it is in the sam Plaza as Sam Woo. I never really tried anything else beside Q noodles. FYI its a cash only joint. I love there mince pork and simmer boiled egg and there wonton soup.


The ba wan (actually, everything there) is pretty inconsistent. First time I had it everything was great, second time everything was off. Haha. When the food is good I'm always like "why don't I come here more often", and other times it's just a slap on my forehead.


Hi Billy - Having lived inthe area for a good amount of time....I usually pay cash everywhere.

That's not a rollercoater ride I'd like to be on Jinxi.


Even after your review, my gut is still telling me to give it a shot ( i know, I'll probably regret it but I feel some weird urge to still try it out). But yeah, it's unfortunate to serve bad Ba Wan and Niu ro Mien :(


You should check them out Faye. Who knows, you might get lucky! ;o)


The day we reviewed it for Convoy Conquest it was kind of all over the place, some things great and some not so. I went back recently though, and even the crispy chicken that I liked so much before was not very good.

Maybe Pingo? Maybe not...


Not so Pingo! Jenne??? ;o) We need to get together again soon!


Yes, let's plan it!!

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