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Thursday, 05 September 2013



Mmm cold udon sounds reallllly good to me these days! Never tried that Sakura, will get that next time! I don't remember there being AC at Sab-e-lee but it might be because we went during an evening that wasn't tooooo hot. Or maybe because I overdid it on the spicy levels. Still need to go back with S to have him try the duck larb and Issan sausage!


Hi Jinxi - It's one of my go-to hot weather dishes at Sakura. You can it with either soba or need to tell them you want it "cold" though, otherwise it'll be hot soup.


Hottest days? You make sound so bad and you're eating spicy food. LOL That's how I roll!


Now you have me thinking of those Mountain Dew drinkers in Harold and Kumar...and you have that song stuck in my head. Thanks...


Hi Billy - I like spicy stuff when it's long it's not soup, or....ahem hot pot! ;o)

LOL Jan! Have a great day..... ;o)


I had the mulnaengmyun at Grandma Tofu for dinner this evening. Nice and refreshing. I liked how they made an ice slush out of the broth-- other places I've had this dish served it with plain ice in the soup which dilutes as it melts.


Hi Kirk,

How does Grandma's moolnaengmyun compare to Convoy Tofu House? We went to the latter over the weekend and are still looking for better moolnaengmyun in SD.


Hi DT - I don't think it's as good.

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