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Wednesday, 25 September 2013



Hello Cathy, I love that font for the Donut Man!!!!! Alas, I will miss the strawberry donuts this year. I'll have to wait 'til next year for those! Those tiger tails look good too.

Very cool find with BC Donut as well!

Ed (from Yuma)

Another amazing post. Except it is nearly 9 pm and I have no prospect of putting any one of those incredible looking things in my mouth tonight. You really should put like a warning label at the beginning of this kind of post:
"Warning, reading the following post will make you unbelievably hungry for pastries that you will not be able to eat anytime soon." I'd still read the post, but I would have been warned.


I'm not usually into sweets that much, but I do dig me some apple fritters. And my grandma was from Savannah, so Pecans are definitely in my vocabulary. Great post!


Yes, cc. Great finds that I want to share. Donut Man does summertime donuts, nothing else seasonal and unique. I bet the lemon is good...
I will have to formulate a warning system, Ed. Would think there is some sort of 24/7 donut place near the University (or maybe near the interstate). Thanks.
Thanks, JF. I wasn't into sweets until I was told I needed to limit their intake and told what I 'could' have as a I try to find something daily...


ooh, Donut Man has been on the top of my list! I really want to try that strawberry donut someday.


The Donut Man's strawberry donuts are yummy; I'm actually surprised they have them this late in the year. I may be in Orange County this weekend, and I will have to stop at Cream Pan for the strawberry croissant (didn't know they were that inexpensive!).


Well, it's either now or next year, Kirbie. You could still go there even without strawberries in season; everything is good.
There were a lot of stands at the Pasadena Farmers Market selling strawberries, Sandy; different microclimate. Do stop at Cream Pan; it's so good....that cream filling, the crust, the strawberries...

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