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Sunday, 15 September 2013



Oh No! I hope the food remains as fabulous as it was. Looking forward to your next report.


Hi Ken - I hope so too. The menu does like like it has been pared down with regards to the Turkish offerings.


On the bright side, at least we'll still have (IMHO) the best baklava in the area.


So true Ken!

Ed (from Yuma)

That's sad. Tina and I were thinking about going there soon. But the place was never busy when we were there. Which is a real shame because the food was soooo tasty.


Hi Ed - They were quite busy when we visited during Ramadan.....I think the former owner is a bit tired and needed to cut back.


That's pretty amazing that a restaurant (Sultan) would inspire you to actually visit a country. I need to find a restaurant here in SD that will do that for me :)

The pics of the food look delicious!


That's happened a couple of times Faye. Latin Chef inspired us to visit Peru all those years ago as well. Food does play a large role in our lives.

Christina C

Oh no, I love Sultan. So I'm guessing that per the post, the other half with baklava is still open? I am required to eat kaymak baklava at least every other week :-)

This is sad b/c it is my go to Turkish restaurant and comes closest to some of the wonderful food we had in Turkey as well. Thanks for the heads up.


Hi Christina - Yes, he's keeping the baklava and the farmer's market business going. We're quite sad about his decision to relinquish the restaurant, but it's perfectly understandable. I hope you are well!


Nooo! I'll have to go over there on my lunch hour sometime and try the new place...hope it's at least decent.


It seemed ok when we visited Jenne, but they had just talen over, so hopefully it's better now.

Sam W.

Hi Kirk,
Wife and I were in the neighborhood, so rather than going to Sultan downtown for dinner, we decided to give this place a try. We enjoy our dinner very much. The young man serving us was polite and helpful, the food was excellent as before.


Thanks for the update Sam! I gotta get back and work has just been too busy recently!

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