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Saturday, 28 September 2013



Wow, you were fast with this post! I'm waiting to hear from my friends who went as well. Looks like some cosplayers were there! Is this event meant to be weekly or monthly?


I'm not sure what the planned schedule is right now....the crowds and traffic was a mess CC....even at five minutes past 5.


I went at 8:00. Parking was a nightmare. It looked like people were coming from at least 5 or 6 blocks away and it was rather dark in those areas. I found street parking in front of 99 Ranch. It was horribly crowded, which I hope meant that it was successful. It was so packed I couldn't see what each of the booths were offering and couldn't make out who was lining up for what. The only place that wasn't crowded was the beer garden. Since I couldn't see anything, nothing held my interest so I went into Zion's food court and got myself a smoothie.

Green Turtle

It was super crowded with long lines, especially with people waiting to pay $8 for that spiral potato thing on a stick.


Here is an overhead video:

I left my comments about the event in the comment section.
Here's hoping for better planning, and a larger event next year!


Nice post Kirk! I was actually looking out for you since I thought you might go early. You made a smart decision not getting in line for the squid. I'm still pissed about my experience with Pangea.


Hi Kathy - I can imagine. Zion seemed like an oasis of tranquility compared to the crowds outside.

Hi GT - I don't think these folks expected as many people....though you should always plan for more than meeting the minimum.

I agree RCLC. Six porta-potties ain't gonna cut it either.

That sucks Kirbie. I'm really not the type to wait in super long lines. There's better things to do with your time. We only spent a half hour looking seemed mostly Fair Food.


After reading yours and Kirbie's post, I'm kind of glad that I didn't go. I do hope the organizers will hold another one soon to (hopefully) improve on the logistics.


I hope so too Sandy.


Oh man, my wife and I got there about 8:00pm or so and it was *PACKED*! We ended up circling the parking lot for a good 15 minutes before we found a space out by the bowling alley.

Then, the lines! The LINES! It was at least 15 deep at each booth and wall-to-wall people. Heck, we could barely walk around to see every booth before trying to decide on what to buy.

We ended up buying sandwiches from the Gourmet Seafood Sandwiches booth. It was quite good, but we must have spent a good 20 minutes between waiting in line to order and waiting to pick-up our food.


Hi Steve - It sure looked like a bit of a mess. I believe they got more than they projected for....hopefully these problems will be fixed in the future.


We got there later in the night as well when a lot of the things the vendors were serving sold out. I hope next time they expand the space and now the vendors have an idea of how much they need to prepare for. What we ate was determined by the length of the line...not usually how I like to roll. But a few of us even went to the food trucks(serving American food) because they didn't want to wait. :/


Hi Darren - I don't think they expected the turn-out, nor did any of the vendors. This was a bit too much for them.

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