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Tuesday, 17 September 2013



Seems like a so so restaurant but the kalbi soup looks about right.


Hi Billy - It's actually good...except for the panchan, which is a (large) step backwards.


Wow, that first post must have been one of the first I'd ever read. It was also the first I'd heard of the dance. Man, I haven't heard of anyone doing the dance in a while.

My kid did the dance over the kare kare I made the other night. But he's only 8.


Weird looking chicken wings...

Ed (from Yuma)

Very interesting post. I have felt that Buga had been on a long decline, basically dating from when they quit using Coleman beef. It's good to see new ownership who may turn things around. The new menu certainly looks inviting, but the pan chan isn't where it was 8 years ago.

Thanks, Kirk, for the link to the original post. In fact, I had forgotten that the food at Buga used to be good enough to evoke the dance. Thanks for reminding me, Jan.


A dance is a dance Jan! Man, you've been reading a long time....we really appreciate it!

Hi Soo - They are trying to be fancy. Bare bone keeps your hands clean. But not a very good try at all.

Hi Ed - Yes, a fresh approach. Though I'll say this; Buga was still better than most places.

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