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Tuesday, 24 September 2013



Yikes. I heard bad stuff about the beef which is why I avoided it and got chicken. The chicken patty was decent but I didn't really like the bun and really wanted a bowl of tsukemen at the end of my meal. On the bright side, at least you didn't wait in the 5+ hour line during the weekend the ramen burger was in LA.


Increasing the carbs-to-protein-ratio - restaurants way to fool customers into making them feel full without actually really needing to give away substance that costs them money.


My wife's high school buddy had a shop that sold "rice burgers" about 10 years back. They weren't greasy, and the texture was nice. But perhaps they were a bit too early on the scene and didn't last.


I wouldn't attempt to use noodles as buns. It won't work and too much effort to keep it grease free and crunchy. It did look yummy until I continued reading.


Too bad the ramen burger was a bust, especially with that dry meat and soggy noodles. Ugh. My daughter totally wants to try this based on looks alone; Bert on the other hand thinks this ramen burger fad is all kinds of wrong.


Hi Kirbie - I'm glad you didn't get the burger.....I'd say what you heard was pretty accurate.

Hi Rhino - Bottom line...this is a gimmick. It's also a ramen shop; so a change on any side of the scale will drastically change the ratio.

Hi Jan - I ate yaki gohan quite a bit growing up so that doesn't sound so far fetched....hmmmm....haven't done that in like 20 years.....

Hi Billy - I think you can do it; but why?

Hi CC - A good illustration of the generation gap, huh? ;o)

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