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Thursday, 26 September 2013



HBD! You clean you fish well. My wife would have gone for the head though.


Thank you and thank you, Bill. The head was a pretty solid skull ( and my fork wouldn't pierce the eyeballs-cooked rubbery)

Ray Cerio

I too noticed that the eyes were still there. I follow your postings religiously and was unaware of a Titanic still in San Diego. I will be there this afternoon in hopes of bacon wrapped shrimp the way Ester at the El Cajon Titanic made for me. Thank you for another very useful post, and I want to wish you and you husband a very happy birthday.


Thanks Ray. I knew about that Titanic location, but had never stopped in, because Negro Durazo is a bit closer and Fairmont isn't regularly traveled...The chairs are definitely the same as the El Cajon Titanic and the food is very good. Hope your lunch is good, too!


HBD to you and the mister! I really appreciate your posts on all the local neighborhood shops around SD. Thank you for another excellent reccommendation :)


Maligayang Bati (HBD in Filipino) to you and the mister! Your birthday lunch posts are always a fun read. Thanks for always sharing all of the great places that you enjoy. I'm now craving a governador taco!


Thanks so much, Linda. I've been trying to give business to smaller, local places rather than chains as a New Year Resolution. It almost always has turned out really well and I'm happy to share.
Salamat! (I learned that at the exit doors at Seafood City). The tacos were particularly good (and very large) here, cc.


I have never had a governador taco before but I've seen it posted on here before! I wonder if I can convince my other half to go here, even if he doesn't eat seafood. Happy birthday to you and the mister!


Gobernador is so good, Mary- a cheese lined tortilla filled with a sort of stew of shrimp grilled with onion and pepper. There is a 'Mexican Food' section of the menu that has carne asada and chicken and bistec (and this is true for almost every Mariscos place; it might even be next to the 'child menu' area). I think starting your other half on a grilled shrimp quesadilla or plain fish taco (it's like a fresh but fancy fish stick) could be a start; I find the chilled seafood items (ceviche, coctele) to be very refreshing.

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