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Sunday, 08 September 2013



I'm a huge fan of the Pangea ham/cheese hunk of bread that you posted a pic of! Really generous potion and delicious.

The version you posted w/ the jam looks sooo good right now!


Carb overload...Yum!




Great...just back from a trip to Germany and I'm trying to de-carb myself from all the bread I ate....then I read this post this am! Looks great!


My Grandpa use to be the head baker at Song Long Bakery on the corner of Bolsa and Bushard. They were known for their chocolate croissant and ham cheese croissant. Heck they were the only bakery in OC and never kept up with time. You bring back childhood memory RIP Grandpa and so long Song Long.

Ed (from Yuma)

A great compendious post. I managed to get back to my computer just to savor this. For some reason, I'm suddenly hungry for ham and cheese.


What an EPIC post this was! I loved seeing all the different versions that you tried. i shall have to order some of those next time i venture into a bakery. i think i would really like the versions with puff pastry since anything put in puff pastry is elevated to "fancy" status!


The Pangea version is a favorite of mine, too, Faye. I can make it last four servings. Monte Cristos in general are great, and made into donut form is perfect.
I like to think the protein negates the carbs, Bill. :)
Thanks, Nichole. Welcome to the comment side of our blog.
Welcome home, Jack. Look at the prior post (Tender Greens); I was just evening the field with the salads.The grab and go-ness of baked ham and cheese is tasty, too.
I am *so* very happy to have brought back a childhood memory for you, Bill. It's neat that your Grandpa was a head baker. I bet that bakery was popular in its time.
All I wanted was some good bread and to stop by the deli counter today, Ed. I decided to just walk to the Donut Shop on the corner, which was easier. Hope you don't have al the remnants of our nasty weather.
Thanks, cc-I had a great ham and cheese bread from a Mexican Market someplace in Chula Vista/National City on a rainy, backed up traffic day in February, but can't find the place again. That was more of a baked bread/calzone-ish as I recall; the soft bread ones are different as are the puff pastry/croissant ones. Such an easy simple meal/snack we take for granted.

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