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Monday, 23 September 2013



While I'm somewhat disappointed you gave in to the shills, at least it was fairly decent. If nothing else, having shills means you're pretty popular! How was the price for those items? Would you call it a decent value for what you got?


Lol, I'm surprised you actually gave it a try after those emails. But it seems like a pleasant find.


It seems so Meehhhh.


Hi Jason - Everything was less than $9.50, so the pricing is not bad.

Hi Kirbie - You know me too well..... I did have it on my list to try. If anything, those emails delayed my visits. It's good fast-casual type food.

Hi Billy - If you compare them to various fast-casual places they aren't bad at all.


At least it's a different option in Old Town instead of Mexican food.


Yes it is CC. Pretty good for pseudo fast-food. It's hot and made fresh.

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