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Sunday, 18 August 2013



Very nice post Kirk. Bert and I will have to try Supanee's sausage soon!


Thanks CC. The Thai sausage are quite good.


YUM. Do you like the spicy crab salad? I'm not sure what it is called but they make it in a pestle and mortar. The only bad thing about eating the salad is the horrendously bad breath. ;-)


You havn't make your way through the whole menu yet, but here are some dishes that I would recommend.

Miang Kam Wraps - great appertizer the sauce tastes not too sweet and the roasted coconut is great.

Hoh Mok (Coconut Seafood) - the texture is a bit off but over all taste is great.

Papaya Salad (Thai Style) is good here and they make it spicy for you too, unlike some places that would hold back on the chillies and put dried red pepper flakes instead. And, for Lao style, they actually put green tomatoes in it.

Nam Soht - Ginger Pork Salad - this is a dish that looks simple but not everyone can make it just right. This place makes this dish just like how my grandma made it for me in Thailand.

I wouldn't order any typical dishes like pad thai, pad see ew, fried rice, etc. They seems be to really specialized in the dishes that has lot of spices like curries or their spicy salads.


Hi Billy - You mean papaya salad with salted crab? Good stuff....when the crab is done correctly.

Hi Saya - Thanks for the recommendations. There's one thing to be said about having one or two of the "standard" Thai dishes. You are able to determine the skill level of the cook. That's why I'll usually get Pad See Ew. Simple dish, but difficult to get it right. I'll definitely try the Nam Sod the next time.


Kirk - it is common in Thai culture to over cook all meat. My wife is Thai and ruins steak every time by getting it well done. I've eaten at Supannee many times. All you have to do is ask them not to over cook the meat or fish and it comes out perfect. The chef is Thai and speaks very little English, so everything is cooked from a Thai point of taste. Also the food and service is more consistent during off peak hours.


Hi Brent - Thanks for taking the time out to comment. Unless you're referring to the fish; I don't think I said the beef was over-cooked. The flavor was a bit off in my opinion on my first visit, much better on the second. That fish was a travesty.....if you look, you'll know that I've eaten at quite a few Thai restaurants, not only in San Diego. I really wouldn't consider that Pad See Ew as being prepared from a Thai point of taste as it really lacked flavor and the cooking technique was off by quite a bit. I'm sure there are quite a few concessions being made in the kitchen. That said, the Thai sausage and the grass fed beef larb(the second time around) were very good.

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