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Tuesday, 20 August 2013



Meatball the bear! That's so cool he'll be on a float! I never would have known about it...

That's a HUGE waffle on your plate! I wonder if the "Stymie" plate was named after the Little Rascals character.


Meatball's story is so great and I'm so happy you knew about him, cc. I hope you'll be awake to see the parade and all the floats on January 1... Yes- the yummy waffle is about the size of my head...but not thick, so I can justify eating half with no problem. A lot of the entrees are 'named' and don't seem to have a theme, so maybe the Roscoe's Stymie is named after something in one of the episodes (I went to HS with the daughter of the original-original Spanky)


That's an awesome post! I love chicken and waffles and photos of floats. :-)


I've never ever been to Roscoes! I didn't even know they opened THAT early. I can't believe there are all those other chicken restaurants next to them too. And the prices for both dishes seem reasonable. The gravy looks sooo good right now!! Nice post !


hi cathy, actually i meant that I never knew he would be on the float. I didn't know about Meatball at all until I read your link.


Thanks, Soo. I try to make things interesting while sharing part of my interests.
The gravy was unusually good and went well with the livers and the chicken (and the waffle), Faye. I do want to go back and try some of the other menu items -there aren't too many-(and maybe grab a photo of the guy on the horse)while missing the crowds. So happy it opens early; we always try to avoid crowds.
Oh, so Meatball is new to you, cc. I misunderstood. It's a rendition of him-see the second from last photo; the outline in rebar-although last year at the last minute a live dog and live penguin showed up on the HGTV float....


I like the artistic rendition. I'm sure the float will look amazing once it's done! Yay for Meatball! He was released to some animal sanctuary in San Diego from what I've read.


Yes, Meatball is in Alpine, cc. I think a visit will be warranted soon. Food will end up being involved.


Cathy, we've been to the locations in Inglewood, and Long Beach, and we enjoyed the fried chicken, but thought that the waffles were missing a little something. So where would you recommend for great waffles, that also does fried chicken?


RCLC- I've tried other versions of chicken and waffles out here (names of restaurants can be found on that four letter review site) and purposely have not written about the food, because I sometimes cannot be diplomatic. Really do not like sweet, thick or fluffy waffles. I think Roscoe's is best, because their waffles are *not* as sweet (made with their own mix) and are thin/normal thickness of waffle-not meant to be consumed as a separate item, but as a piece of waffle with a piece of chicken with an optional dip in syrup; as you would with bread or a biscuit.

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