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Thursday, 08 August 2013



Wow, that was terrible dump-lings. I went to ding fung in Arcadia and had high expectation. It was aite nothing to hollar about but there stir fried noodle was lite, me like.


LOL Billy! Last time I went to DTF, all the customers were was quite interesting. Plus the crowds drive me crazy.


White vinegar? What a sin even craptastic Sam Woo in Irvine serve the XLB with red vinegar or just vinegar with red food coloring ;-)


I gave Red Moon the old College try, but the food was not memorable enough to make another visit.


That's right Billy!

Same here Sandy.

Hangzhou Hero

Someone else that thinks DTF's XLB are horrifically overrated? Kirk, I love you more every day. Where are the rest of our kind?


What's with the white vinegar? I don't get it?


LOL HH! At least I'm not alone!

Neither do I TFD......


I still get a touch of PTSD from trying to find parking in that lot.


LOL MrZ....... That is one tough parking lot!


My best experiences were ordering my favorite chinese noodle dishes NOT on the menu. Try it.


Hi Res - Thanks for the heads up.....but really, all this cloak and dagger....why don't you tell us what your favorite noodle dishes that aren't on the menu here are? I will say, I've not been too impressed with this place; though the folks here are really nice.

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