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Wednesday, 28 August 2013



Our friend who hosts the Holiday Bowl tailgate always smokes a turkey -a large, 26+ pound turkey- for the tailgate; it is the most wonderful flavor. Charcuterie a la Kirk looks really tasty. Yeah, those chiles...I would not be able to use that much fresh and would either dry or freeze for use in Winter. (Bristol Farms is selling products made with Hatch Chiles right now, since it's Hatch time...maybe an inspiration for you).


Hi Cathy - Well, it's a work in having fun though! The Missus bought some Hacth Chilies from Sprouts which I roasted and she enjoyed. So now she's hooked on the Chicken and Hatch sausages they sell.


Congrats on your new smoker! We love our WSM.


Thanks Mike, I'm having a lot of fun with it!


Can't imagine what the fresh ghost pepper heat level is like. I have a few ounces of the dried stuff. Maybe you should make some ghost chili pepper water. The stuff we use in Hawaii is pretty tame.
I have a WSM too but hardly use it now that I have a Cookshack. Your bbq looks great. Can't wait to see what your first brisket looks like.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

I can't believe you had a sliver of the ghost pepper! I once tried 1/50th of a drop of ghost pepper hot sauce and i think the burn lasted for the longest 15 minutes of my life.


Hi Kyle - Strangely, I've had half a dry ghost pepper, which wasn't as hot as this. I always thought dried peppers would be hotter!

Hi JS - See above.... I almost ate half the thing, but decided to play it safe! Good move on my part.


Looks like your smoker is getting a lot of action! About that pepper, gosh, I would be way too scared to even smell it!


Hi CC - It wasn't that spicy...well, maybe it was..... ;o)


Let me know when you get a Sous-Vide cooker.
Gotta try your chilies.


I will TFD. And you will TFD


I've been tempted by one of those smokers (that specific model, actually), but always stop myself with the usual, "but will I REALLY use it" bit. I think you've inspired me!


You are right cooking decent BBQ is not that hard.

Cooking great competition BBQ is a challenge!

Keep experimenting.

Many people including me have gravitated to the hot and fast method instead of the low and slow with better results!


Hi James - You know, I wondered the same thing...for about 2 years, until we finally pulled the trigger. I can tell you that we've used it every weekend since it arrived...this weekend will be five weeks in a row. It's kind of nice if you've got stuff to do around the house/yard since it doesn't need your constant attention.

Hi Jeff - Since I'm doing chicken as well, I kind of keep it at 250-275 by the temp on the top of the cooker, which probably means it's way more hot. I also keep my ribs chilled before placing in the cooker so it will take more time to reach temp. This seems to help create a better bark and smoke ring. All in all, I just want good eats.


275 will not get you a crisp skin on chicken but it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Heat rises so the lower part will not be much hotter in temperature than the top of the smoker if at all.

Using a cooler meat will give you a more enhanced smokering effect whether you cook it on a lower temp or hotter.

Many of the BBQ competitors are using the hot and fast method especially for brisket for good bark and also a more moist and tender product.

Good luck with your bbq pursuits it is a lot of fun.


Glad you survived the ghost pepper :) do you think you'll be able to make it into anything edible? Im looking forward to reading your recipes for ghost pepper usage :D I imagine one ghost pepper would provid enough heat for a whole batch of most anything: chili, pepper jelly, hot sauce, etc.


Hi Lynnea - I'll have some things coming up. I find it fascinating that folks are so interested in this.

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