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Saturday, 31 August 2013



That chili relleno is an absolute steal at 3 bucks.


That's impressive you don't have air conditioning! I turned mine on for the first time this year yesterday. Heat was too much for me.


Just looking at that shrimp ceviche, I think we'll have that or some sort of mariscos (from one of our local joints in CV) for tomorrow. Don't feel like cookin'!

We also don't have AC. We just open up all the windows to get a cross breeze.


Yes, it's a great price for a quality product, Ann. Recently, when we go out, usually some or all of our order is from the 'side order' or 'appetizer' part of the menu and this was great find. Welcome to the comment side of our blog.

Soo-we installed insulating windows decades ago in anticipation of eventually getting a/c installed and never thought we needed to; the windows work very well...but the other day the humidity was just too much.

Yes, ceviche is good any time of the year, and so refreshing in the summer, cc. This version at La Posta is particularly good. The cross breeze is what we did growing up, and it works...but this recent heat with humidity was so unusual.


Did you get low e glass? I bought double paned windows with low e glass but my west facing room is still really hot. During the summer I can feel the wall heating up and a good amount of heat is still coming through the glass.


Oh yes, Low-E glass, Soo. I don't remember the brand (it was between WindowMaster and MilgardWindow and their symbols are similar) and do remember we had a spacer choice of 1/2 inch or 3/4, and got the 3/4, as it is more efficient. Prior to the new windows, I could hold my hand one foot from the West window and feel heat; now I can touch it and it's still cool.


Your experience is better than mine. I didn't get a choice on the spacer. If I leave the window open direct sun comes in and makes the room really hot. Closing the window slows down the heating process but the room becomes hot. Touching the window I can feel the warmth of the sun heating it. I found out that they now have an even better glass called low e squared. I'll try that if the window needs replacing.


The toastada looks delicious with all of that shrimp! Yum! I had some terrible Mexican food earlier this week and I always feel like I have to go somewhere good to "make up for it".


It was a really great shrimp ceviche, Mary. I hope you made it out here, or found some sort of ceviche somewhere on this crazy heat weekend.

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