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Thursday, 22 August 2013



It's been awhile but I remember really enjoying their cakes. Hopefully things will get better.


I had forgotten about Kona Kakes, too. A friend used to get their cakes for big celebrations, but that's been awhile. The cakes were delicious, but it's too bad about the plates.


Bummer the lunch plates aren't very good. Have you tried Hawaii's Island Eatery?


hey Jack - Yeah, I recall enjoying their cakes....even though I don't have much of a sweet tooth.

Hi Sandy - I do hope they get better.

Not yet Soo.....I'm rarely in Lakeside


Hmmmm, Kona Kakes? Is the owner still Janice Kraft? She used to have a restaurant (defunct as of 2008) in east Chula Vista called Kona Pacifica Cafe. I posted on it a while ago. Anyhow, she sold her cakes and Hawaiian plate lunches there too. It was a really nice looking upscale type restaurant, but the food was served in styrofoam containers, which kind of clashed with the look and feel of the place. Mea Kwan (a mediocre Thai place)took over the spot of the old Kona Pacifica Cafe.


Hi CC - I have no idea. Maybe you'll need to investigate??? ;o)


I didn't try anything this time around, but on my recent visit to the expanded Ballast Point Homebrewmart (next door), I noticed that you can now order from Kona Kakes to eat while sampling the BP brews. It's a pretty limited menu, but definitely seemed to a be a better option than the $4/ea chips and salsa they were pushing from the refrigerators that now line the area beside the tasting bar.


Hi Campy - Which is why I mentioned that they catered to, and even have beer pairings with Ballast Point. Bottom line, I think they can do better.


Hey just went to Kona Kakes and they have redone their menu!!! Had tried their Kanaka stroke plate (choice of 3 entrees) with Garlic Shrimp, Kalua Pig and Hamburger steak!!!! Man I wanted to find a coconut tree after having that plate!!Best Plate lunch I have had in awhile!! Everybody has Teri this and Teri that, so I wanted to feel at home again so I ordered things that I don't normally see. Ono!! finally got my comfort food fix!!


Coconut tree Rocky???? Well, at least it sounds like they're actually making some food to order now.

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