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Monday, 05 August 2013



Honestly I wasn't so impressed with 85 in Irvine its not like I couldn't get it baked goods somewhere else in Garden Grove. Maybe it was the selection I had picked out.

Ed (from Yuma)

That croissant looks really good. The croissant itself looks excellent and then cheese and ham. ymmm.


It wasn't the selection, bill; Taiwanese bakery items are different (look at my last 85C photo-that's the ham and cheese) and I don't understand the lines out the door at 85C. There are a handful of items I like from Taiwanese bakery shops and only the freshness of the items helps to not completely avoid patronizing any. This Road Trip and the various bakery choices really taught me how to discern.
The croissant and its filling put it in my top two best ever, Ed. It was excellent.


hi cathy - now i need to link your post! i'll have to try a ham & cheese croissant next time. i love savory fillings in croissants or any kind of bread.

for the record, the box that held 10 macs was a mere .50! the box for 5 (that i got a few weeks later) was .25! the boxes are so pretty and sturdy. i have them in my office, holding paper clips, push pins, post it notes, etc.


I might brave the lines again when I'm in OC just to see what I have missed out on.


Yes, I do prefer savory over sweet also, cc, but the macs and their bit of sweet are a perfect size for that bit of sweet I sometimes 'need'. I thought the boxes cost more (that must have been the doughnut place); next time I'll get my macs in one-can always use organization thingys on my desk, with a reminder of a good time and maybe a future visit.
You'll be visiting from another time zone, bill, so should be awake early and can get to those places before the crowds...also my most favorite bakery of this road trip is just up the 55 at the 5- in Tustin-post soon.


The bakery on El Camino and 6th street shopping plaza. When I used to work in that area. There was a Japanese bakery that always sold out in the morning and down the street from there was a really good sandwich.


Cream Pan 602 El Camino Real, Tustin. Opens at 6 a.m., Japanese. Absolutely my favorite.


Now that place is good and always OOS in the morning.

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