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Monday, 29 July 2013



We were there on Saturday afternoon. Not overly crowded, other than the live lobster stand that was overwhelmed with kids picking up lobsters. Saw the Kronut sign and enquired - sold out for the day, and already for the next!


How is this Kronut different from the original Cronut?


Oh my, I had good timing, Campy; but we tend to go everywhere very early in the day to avoid crowds. HMart is uncrowded since the new Zion location opened, just as Zion had easy parking when HMart first opened. I wonder if it's easier to get Kronuts during the week...
I found this about the original Cronut™, Buddha. In addition to the limit of two per person and price of $5 plus tax each and no filling, it looks like the croissant laminate dough is made from scratch, taking two days from start to being ready for sale. Since I can't do a side by side taste test, I may never know...but I do know this one from Paris Baguette was very, very good.


I saw the Kronut sign when I was at their Zion location last week. But they didn't have any available. $3 thou - wowzers. Pangea makes a really beautiful ham/cheese bread thing that I like - you should check it out if you have time


The Kronut is quite heavy-filled with the pastry cream, which is rich in texture and flavor, Faye. If it was being sold at the County Fair, the price would be considered a bargain...and it was there on the shelf, nobody else was wanting it and I'm glad I tried it. Re: ham and cheese- look at the bottom photo of my Pangea post... I grab it each time I'm there...


Thanks for the tip about the cronut! I'll start looking for it.


omg, that black out bread looks so cool! i would totally eat that! and the Kronut too! you're lucky you got the last one!


Lucky you, getting the last one! I saw your tweet, then I saw the sign at the Paris Baguette at Zion the next day. I asked an employee, and they said it comes out at 1 and is sold out within 10 minutes.


Get there early, and maybe on a weekday, Soo!
The blackout bread was really good; I didn't taste anything as far as the squid ink goes, cc, but the idea is great and executed so well.
I would imagine there is a line at 1 p.m., Kirbie...which may be what that location of Paris Baguette wants. I know we were at HMart early/ in the morning-we always try to avoid crowds.


I was lucky to get a Kronut from Paris Baguette last week. I came at 1 sharp and they had just made new ones!

My Kronut actually wasn't filled with pastry cream. It was also pretty incredibly oily. While not bad, it wasn't to satisfying and make me want to book a flight to NY to make a comparison to the original.


Looking at the description and photo of the original Cronut™ (link in my comment above), that one isn't filled, either, Matthew. The Paris Baguette poster does show a cream filling though; how frustrating. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog!


Ooh, I'll have to check this out! H Mart is nearby so I'll have to stop in for a weekday visit and see if I can score one of those Kronuts. I almost went into H Mart the other day to pop into the bakery but turns out I didn't have time (I was on my lunch break). You were quite discipled, kudos to you :)


I never have been a 'sweets' person and being diabetic - knowing my mealtime carb limits - helps the discipline, Mary. This Cronut was worth the $3 as well as the carbs.

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