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Tuesday, 02 July 2013



Good grief take the sh!t of the menu.
Sorry guys...


LOL Billy.....


What time do you come? They only have it the the am. Call before you come.


Wrong and wrong TFD.....we've had it for dinner, so they don't only have it in the am until now. Also, have you tried calling there and conversing in English? I've had Banh Cuon for dinner....


What? They told me they only had it in the am because some lady made it only in the am. Next time, text me and I will call for you. Sheesh. LOL.


LOL TFD....maybe they only have it for breakfast now??? I had in once for dinner and when the Missus and I had it was for dinner....two of our tries were for lunch! Thanks for the offer......


My luck has also been good with Banh Cuon in the AM although I was lucky and was able to order it ONCE for dinner. The lady that does speak English always tells me to come in the AM otherwise it's hit or miss later in the day. Love your blog and thanks for the write-up!


too bad they never had the stuff you wanted to try :(


Hi LHL - I find it kind of sad that the one item they make better than just about any place else in San Diego is kind of hit and miss. What's tougher is that when we ask them when they'll have Banh Cuon they can never tell us.

Hi Kat - Yeah, it's a bit frustrating......

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