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Friday, 19 July 2013


Ed (from Yuma)

Wonderful architecture. Never seen these before. Oh, btw, "Vasco" indicates that de Gama had Basque ancestry. Oh, and the pastels looks wonderful too.


It's quite an impressive sight Ed. It could be that da Gama's ancestry was Basque. I do know that his grandfather was also named Vasco da Gama and was from the area now known as Olivenza. His mother's heritage is English. It was a very different world at the time. Best pastel de nata I've ever had....


Gorgeous photos Kirk...not just the architecture, but also those Pasteis de Belem! I can't wait for my neighbors to bring back some of those! They're in Portugal right now. :)


Hi CC - I hope you enjoy them.....though it doesn't measure up to a hot and crisp one from here!


what an amazing place! those pastries look fabulous too.


Hi Kat - It's quiet impressive....both the architecture and the pasteis!

Ed (from Yuma)

Of course I should have expected you would know more. I've just been reading Kurlansky's book on the Basques, and he talks about names like Vasco, Vasquez that indicate basqueness; "Basque=Vasco." Your actual knowledge of de Gama's family points to the truly international character of some of these early explorers like him, Colon, Caboto, Magellean, Vespucci etc who had many names, patrons, countries, etc.

As always I love the travel posts.


Hi Ed - The mixing and matching at the nobility level is so many political pairings....

Catty Critic

Hilarious... I have almost the same pictures as you from my visit to Jerónimos Monastery and geeked out as well over Vasco da Gama's tomb. ^_^

Did you get a chance to also go to Belem Tower or the Carmo Convent (this place was amazing...)?


That is funny Rosa! We were kind of beat after we had lunch and headed back. I'm thinking we'll be back in Lisbon in maybe 2-3 years to finish up.



Vasco has nothing to do with having Basque anscentry.

Vasco is a common Portuguese (iberic) name probably originated from the word "Belasco" (Basque from small crow).

One first name does not prove any remote origin at all.

Actually, Vasco da Gama's family from the mother side probably has a link with an English family.


Hey Tighty - LOL on you...I said "could be" not is. Also you state a definitive, then use the word probably twice in the sentence following your, ahem, "opinion". You actually don't know for sure either, do you?

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