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Wednesday, 03 July 2013



Was the burger place O'Brother's? That place sure didn't last long.

Re: Tender Greens - I call the building the skinny "Physical Graffiti" building!

I haven't been chosen to serve on a jury (at this point in time), but have been summoned at least once every couple of years.


I've never been too jury duty.


When I went this Monday, they gave us 2 hours, so I made my way to Cafe Chloe and had some nice poached eggs and pommes frites. ;)


I will probably jinx myself by commenting, but it's been a few years since I served. It does help to have the longer lunch break! I've gone to Sushi Deli (just beating the line), St. Tropez Bistro (are they still there?) and the Nordstrom Cafe.


Hi CC - Yes, that's it. They were gone in a blink.

Hi TFD - Lucky! I think you would go to Vista?

Hey Hao - I'd always thought about trying that......never had two hours though! And I'm thinking it would have to be closer to 11.

Oh-oh Sandy, now you've done it! I've done Nordstrom. Last I checked St Tropez was still there.


Looks great! We're big fans of the Tender Greens at UTC (which also has a huge line at peak times) so I'll definitely keep it in mind for my next jury duty. Normally I'll go to Sushi deli if the lines are ok, or hop over to Panera for a soup and sandwich. But thanks for letting us know of the new option in the area.


I've been to the Specialty's and Tender Greens in UTC, and I wasn't too impressed with Specialty's... I agree with the "too perfect-looking" aspect.
I've been summoned for jury duty in San Diego TWICE now and I've only been here a year and a half! Haha. I served in El Cajon though, more convenient for parking.


you shouldn't order americano Kirk, because from what I've heard, to make an americano they add some hot water to the cup of coffee


Hi Jason - I think it's a great new option for jury duty.

Hi Jinxi - It was better than I thought it would be. Twice in an year and a half.....that's crazy.

Hi Kat - Really? Usually an Americano is espresso fortified with hot water.

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