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Sunday, 21 July 2013



Hi Kirk, I remember seeing the new sign a while back and completely had forgotten. The sushi gari on that sausage plate is a weird combo.


I'm glad you don't let the naysayers temper your reviews, I definitely appreciate your honest opinions. That said, I wish more restaurants read your opinions and used it as motivation to improve themselves.


Hi Dennis - It is easy to miss this shop. My meals here were quite bad.

Thanks know, we just pretty much eat and then write about it.


Hi Kirk! It's your space and your blog, you should never feel that you have to cater to anyone. How weird for people to email you with such comments. Oh well, you can't please everyone, right? The food here looks ... well... it leaves much to be desired in any case. That's half the fun of trying new places - to see how well they do. :)


Thanks Mary..... that's the deal, it's our opinion. You'd be surpised at how many weird and sometimes offensive emails we get. After doing this so long, it really doesn't bother me anymore, but I periodically need to put out the, "remember, it's just our opinion...." thingy!


Thanks for your honest opinions. Its interesting when I checked yelp and saw four reviews and all of them were four stars. Hmmm....


LOL Kyle - I just went for a look. Three of the users have a total of 4 entries! The other one had 7...funny he gave Ba Ren three stars because the "owners need to do a better PR job in promoting the cuisine starting with knowledgeable English-speaking servers!" Who cares about the food....I just want them to explain everything to me.


I love reading Yelp reviews that start with "I'm not a fan of (this type of cuisine), so I gave this restaurant 2 stars."


Hey MrZ - I love the ones that go along the line of "I was hung over and didn't like the music so I gave it one star", or the Korean BBQ favorite of "one star off for having to cook my own food".

Jim Gottlieb

I tried this place and only had the laap gai (chicken salad), medium spicy, with sticky rice and thought it was quite good. The waitress suggested next time I try it with "real Thai spice", so perhaps you need to order all your food that way there.


Hi Jim - So you need to order "real" Thai Food to actually get Thai food from a Thai Restaurant? So what is it that they think they serve their customers? That's a stand-up comedy bit just waiting to happen.

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