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Monday, 08 July 2013



Man, that place is still around? They've outlasted Men's Wearhouse AND that tire place next door.


Gosh I haven't visited past the second owners so I wouldn't know. I usually like going to Walmido cause they hook me up with the gyeran jim and the rest of the banchan are pretty decent.


Hey MrZ - Yes, they keep on going and going.....

Hi Dennis - I hadn't been here in over three years too.


Friendly? LOL


It's all relative Billy! ;o)


cold noodles sounds great these days!


Oh boy, does it ever Kat. It's been kind of hot and even a bit humid here the last couple of days.

For dinner, as part of the banchan they serve a steamed egg. Although with the hot weather these days, you might not want it haha. I did also recall the bulgogi to be really sweet but I haven't been back in a year or so.


You eat here a lot even though it's not that good.


Hi Jinxi - Oh, ok, so they have gyeran jim with dinner, huh?

Well TFD....I was being a Food Detective, trying to figure out why so many folks like this place so much. You know me and my "due diligence", right?


I ate here on Monday for lunch. The lady was not very friendly that served me. I ordered the Dae Ji Bulgogi lunch for 7.99. The pork was kind of bland and could have used some high heat to give it a little sear. My first time there and wasn't impressed.


Hey Buddha - The woman was the same way to me, but was nicer on my second visit. The daeji Bulgogi is probably the weakest dish I ate there.

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