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Tuesday, 11 June 2013



I think Tea Station food items are on the expensive side and their drinks are too sweet. You'll definitely have to ask them for half or less sugar if you don't want to have a blood sugar problem when you're old.

That being said, their strawberry pudding drink is the best. Just remember to ask for less sugar.


After many visits, I do try to make good ROI choices here, Theo. I can see how the bill can shoot up with a few not thought out menu choices. You'll notice the only carbs in this meal are the potato in the curry and the rice; I'm a Type 2 diabetic and always look for low or no sugar/carb items. {Will try the strawberry pudding drink next time- as a shared dessert item.}


Monkey picked?

Haven't tried Taiwanese sausage (yet). Looks good!


I've seen 'monkey picked' tea at 99Ranch and it's always expensive, cc; on the menu here, it was not only one of the lower priced pot choices, but also the darkest color of tea within that category. The sausage is an excellent snack choice.


Looks yummy.


Thanks, Bill.

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