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Wednesday, 12 June 2013



That really looks good I I'm not to sure about the extra crispy burger though.


Omg. That crispy burger looks delicious!! I've never seen a burger like that! And that feast for two ?!!! - $18?!!!- nooo!!! That's a crazy amount of food for that price . I've never had sammoon before so I'm gonna try and make a trip here :)


Feast for two, eh? Whoa! I wants (Gollem speak).


The un-crispy parts of Saj bread is thicker...or maybe 'more sturdy'... than a tortilla, Bill. Heating it made it seal and I see how it looks crispy-but it did not 'flake' or fall apart; it's still kind of like a thin pita; a chewy bread. The sauce and/or juice from the burger does not make the bread break or leak on the un-warmed/non-crisp sections...The burger was quite large and flavorful.
I think the owners are trying to make a familiar American food using their own bread tradition, Faye. The food here is great.
There really were leftovers, cc. All of the food is fresh prepared and wonderful.


if you are not from Middle east and if you are a woman you will be waiting your order forever, never will be back to that place again


Strange thing Elana. Cathy is not Middle Eastern and is a woman, she seems to do just fine here???


There is a wait for the food, depending on your order, because a lot of the items are not pre-made, Elana. Either The Mister or I place the order here and in June, I had lunch with a fellow blogger who is female and definitely not Middle Eastern and we've not had a problem.

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