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Friday, 07 June 2013



I've been here and thought it was a beautiful quaint place . We tried their Nutella crepe and thought it was ok but a bit pricey . But I'd come back to try one of their savory crepes after seeing this post. And it's cool that they have their own private parking lot . Hard to find in Cedros.


Solana Beach (as well as the coastal North County cities) is a place I would like to explore. Great flavor combination for that crepe!


We later realized the parking situation, Faye; this was another drive and stop and finding something great. It's fun to not have a destination in mind.
There's a lot of nice places up that way, cc. It's how we found the 'real' Roxy's from the County Fair and a lot of Art. The crépe was wonderful.


Brie by no means can I eat it without being cooked/baked.


Brie is *so* different (and wonderful) when it's melty than when it's 'raw' and cold, Bill. Almost like two different products...this crépe was really great, as I suppose Brie in a grilled cheese setting would be...

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