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Thursday, 13 June 2013



The soup is great, I always get it with a double order of the cooked vegetables, half of which I don't recognize.


Nice! I actually get something from Nijiya probably once a week since our offices are now in the area.


I love going to Nijiya and having lunch outside with stuff bought from their deli section. Plus, they have this popsicle that TC likes (a melon flavored one, sold individually). I didn't know about this soup, what a great deal. I may be in the area later this week so this is on my list of 'must try' foods.


I much prefer Nijiya for takeout over Mitsuwa, except for the potato salad, which Mitsuwa does much better (though they don't always have it.) I love that I can buy tempura and croquettes by the piece instead of a three-pack (though I wind up eating 'em all anyway!)


I've seen the hot udon section when I visit Nijiya with sis. I didn't know if it was worth trying b/c I was afraid I would pay too much for something I could possibly replicate at home (buy dashi/udon broth and add whatever to broth on my own). But the noodles you got looked delicious.

What's your take b/w Nijiya and Mitsuwa? Do you think one market has better selection and/or quality than the other?


The label is "wild vegetable", meateater. You'll notice I didn't define what the vegetables were... and I do like them, whatever they are.

Nijiya has multiple great choices in the ready to eat area, Kirk. Always fresh. You're fortunate to be so close.

The noodle area has been there for more than a year now, cc. Do try-you'll like it. I need to check out the ice cream section this summer.

100% agree with you about the potato salad, James. Sometimes the craving for the curry pan overwhelms me and it's nice to be able to grab just one...

The noodles are simple/not fancy, Fay; I suppose you can duplicate at home, but that's why they're called convenience foods. I do like both stores; Nijiya has always concentrated on the organic aspect of their inventory (which has become a bit more important to me over the years) and the grab and go sections at each are constantly updated and fresh. Since they are so close to each other (one signal light separates them on Mercury), I stop at each when shopping.


The chicken karaage looks good! What time should I get there for fresh chicken?


I like their deli. Never got the vegetable croquette but I'll have to get it next time I'm there. Looks so good.


I want to try the edamame salad! Looks delicious!


Nice Cathy! Nijiya has been my go-to for picking up a quick late night dinner. They're open until 10pm which is nice where Mitsuwa closes at 8pm.


We get to Nijiya before or by 10 a.m., Soo. I have noticed if we get there around noon, the chicken is sold out on weekends; maybe they make more in the afternoon. It is so good!

Such a wonderful deli here, Carol. I figure they go through the $1 croquettes because the lower price, so those are always fresh...

It's really good, Ange. A simple salad with fresh toppings.

Never thought of venturing out that way in the evening, Dennis...but good to know. I've always liked food in the ready made section.

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