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Friday, 21 June 2013


Ed (from Yuma)

Great post. Love the Lisbon rule. If ya gotta have rules . . . that's a good one.


The last time I was in Lisbon, I stayed in the Alfama area right around the corner (well, up the stairs) from Portas do Sol where your photo of the tram is.
Lovely place to stay; every morning I used to sit on the little balcony sipping my morning coffee and eating whatever pastry I had bought the day before.

Unfortunately, you might have noticed there were three churches and cathedrals in the background when you're up on that terrace.

Well, like all churches and cathedrals, they rang their bells every hour. Of course they didn't do it in the early or late hours.
The problem was it appeared that they ran on slightly different clocks and seven o clock actually turned into twenty one o

Wouldn't have it any other way though.


The suckling pig looks delicious. And I was nodding my head and smiling at the 'After all that time affection and love are represented in sometimes different and subtle ways'...


hey kirk! i guess i'm just obsessing over meat since i can't eat it, but i decided to take a virtual stroll through google maps, and i think this place is (or was) Cervejaria Caneca De looks different in the maps (it took over the travel agency next door), but the buildings next to it are identical and more importantly, it has assorted pig parts in the window! i think i spent too much time looking at blurry pork products, but i think i need to go here.


Hi Ed - The Lisbon rule really worked for us!

Hi Peter - To us it seemed like the churches were trying not to ring their bells at the same time....almost as some sort of courtesy. So you'd get a string of ringing so to speak that went on for like 10 minutes some times. On Malta, it seemed like the chruches kept ringing their bells until like 2-3 in the morning!

Hi Faye - Yeah, that's how it kinda goes when you've been married for a while.

LOL Santos! Some of included, were just not meant to be vegetarians. If you like pork, wait until you see the rest of our Portugal posts.... It does sound like you found the place. Cervejaria is for breakfast!


Breakfast of champions. That sausage looks mighty tasty too. Don't care much for the dim sum style egg tarts but those Pastel de Nata look really good. Did you chuckle to yourself while in Portugal thinking of all the portagee jokes you heard and told while growing up in Hawaii?


LOL Kyle - I tried NOT do think of that....but of course being raised in Hawaii and all.... ;o)

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

This looks so pleasant. My mom's side of the family is half Portuguese and I definitely plan to visit Portugal some day. Crazy how a lot of the names of churches and streets are replicated in Brazil too, half of these exist in Sao Paulo. Guess our colonizers weren't too creative....haha.


Hi JS - I think you'll love Portugal. Also, you have to remember that when Napoleonic wars occurred, the court of Portugal moved to Rio. I'm sure they wanted to duplicate Lisbon there.


beautiful photos!


Thanks Kat!

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