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Thursday, 20 June 2013



The story of the lone Korean woman made me smile. How awesome (and brave) that she went on a European trip on her own. Bravo. Your trip looked beautiful and so relaxing.


Thanks for the travel tips. Now if I ever get a chance to travel.


One more thing I noticed that Churrasqueria sign. What's up with that? I'm curious.


Hi Faye - I really gotta hand it to her. Don't know about we did a bunch of walking!

Hi Billy - You do know that Brazil was once a Portuguese colony and was granted independance in 1825. Even more interesting was that during the Napoleonic wars, John VI fled to the colony of Brazil with appox 10,000 people and Rio de Janeiro was established as the Kingdom of Portugal. The ties between the two countries is complicated. Anyway, there are tons of grill houses called Churrasquerias in Lisbon. They are actually great places to eat between the hours of regular restaurants since most are open all the time. The sign is for a Churrasqueria right next to Super Mario. Shows how tiny the sign for that restaurant is.


Ahhh, thanks for the history. I will have to research it.


The scenery is to die for, I'm never going to see the places you visit unless I die and come back as an albatross, seagull, or some variety of winged creature and then all I'll want to eat is raw fish or some discarded garbage. Hell!


Hi Billy - What I kinda butchered in my story was that Rio was the capital of the Portuguese Empire for that period.

Hi AZ - Oh man, I hope you do get a chance to visit some of these places. In the end, it's not the destination, but the journey that really makes it worthwhile.


the architecture is amazing!


Hi Kat - It's very distinctive, we really liked it.

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