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Friday, 14 June 2013



wow! love portugal, but the last time i was there i was vegetarian. and i've gone vegan for the near future. still, that bifana looks amazing. looking forward to reading about the rest of the holiday.


Yikes Santos! Being vegan in Portugal is like being sent to purgatory! Though we did see a couple of vegetarian restaurants in Porto.

Ed (from Yuma)

That pork looks wonderful. Reminds me of carnitas.

Looking forward to the rest of the trip report.


Hi Ed - I think the real interesting thing for us at least was the flavor of the pork. More on that later...... We had a blast in Portugal.


Pork fried in lard;I know that's got to be good. So curious about the bread. It looks old because it's cracked or maybe a basic recipe...since you said it was your favorite sandwich of the trip, it had to be fresh...and just...yeasty crusty.


what a great adventure, I can't wait to hear more!


Hi Cathy - The bread was nice and light, it was pretty good. The best bread we had on the trip was in Malta. The simple bifana was my favorite sandwich of the tirp and we/I ended up having one in each of the cities we visited except Evora.

Hi Kat - We had a great time!


What I would do for some lard fried pork.

Wandering Chopsticks

I have to admire your ability to crank out the trip posts so quickly! It takes me so long to sort through photos and remember what I did before I can even get around to blogging it a bit at a time.


LOL Billy! I'm sure you can get some good lard-y carnitas in your neck of the woods!

Hi WC - I need to get these done a bit quicker too. I try to chunk things out then chooose photos that represent what we did/ate. Sometimes the posts take a while to do. This one took 3 hours to write up.


Finally had a chance to read the post versus drooling over the porky licious. So did you happen to pack any dried cod for home consumption? I thought math was a universal language then again porky licious and a cold beer is love.


LOL Billy. No didn't bring home any bacalhao....I gotta check next time to see if it's legal. If you like pork, just hang in there, you won't believe the vast amount of swine we ate on this trip! Thanks for reading!

Catty Critic

You went to Lisboa!! We were there for a few days for our honeymoon years ago. Loved the city and want to go back to explore some more. I don't think we ate as well as you though. ;)


Hi Rosa - The funny thing was, Lisbon was the weakest in terms of food. We really, really, loved Porto and Evora.

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