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Monday, 24 June 2013



So exciting that Zion will finally have their 'Grand' Opening.

TC and her friend had boba slushies a few days ago. Unfortunately they did not like it - the texture of the boba was too "soft" and they said it was kind of slimy feeling. Ewwww. You'd think a place called Boba Bar would have good boba. I'd like to try their iced coffee and the shaved snow for a future visit.


The iced coffee and shaved snow look good. Have you tried the coffee at Paris Baguette?


The Grand Opening should make for a pretty crowded parking area, but I bet there will be even more samples and sales, cc...torn as to whether to go there or avoid the area. I think Boba Bar will last; even with boba slime. The other items we got were very good.

The items at Boba Bar were very good, yy. I haven't purchased anything at this Zion location of Paris Baguette, but have had Americano coffees (very good) at the HMart location-even put a photo of the coffee cup at the bottom of this post:


Oh wow. Great to find you guys are still blogging. I had lost track of mmm-yoso until I saw the mention in the UT today.


Thanks, Greg. The blog's been going for more than seven years now. We try to post daily or not to skip more than two days in a row; good thing you've got time to catch up!

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