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Monday, 17 June 2013



I see we sat in the same chair at the same table. You did try more items...with the same results....yet it's still in business almost three years later. Perhaps because it is open late...or maybe there's a huge profit on boba...or maybe lots of other people really do like the food?


I'm not a big fan of thickly battered fried food. They mind as well give me a shot of oil with my food. I wonder sometimes if the cook would even consider, "Would I eat this?" If not don't F@#&! serve it. Just my 1/2 cent.


"The rice was a bit on the dry side, but not inedible."

Wow, sounds great! Can't wait to try the place out!

I have never loved this style of food either. There is one HK style cafe up in the Bay Area that does a few dishes well and that I enjoy in a "get some comfort food after a late evening flight" kind of way, but in general it strikes me as "meh" Cantonese cooking melded with "meh" European cooking, so, you know... meh.


Hi Cathy - There's been a generation or two that have been raised on this stuff - The pices are cheap....sort of starving student land. It's just not my cup of tea...pun intended. Just like a lot of folks don't like plate lunches, but because I was raised eating the stuff.....different strokes and all that.

Agreed Billy!

Hi SK - So I guess we should call this "Meh Cafe"? ;o) LOL!


Why didn't you give the boba a try, too?


Hey TFD - You know I don't care for Boba, right?

hk kid

This place is Horrible, It shouldn't even be categorized as HK Cafe. A complete insult, HK Cafe is a staple of what milktea at high-tea is all about for HK culture. They busy buzz of Cantonese language should be a norm. What they serve here is JUNK!Another problem is finding a great place in LA also due to most of these Cafe are not run by HK people but were when they first opened and quickly sold to other people...that think they know what HK cafe good is.


Boba there is also not very good. I don't see any crowd late at night as well. Not sure how they stay in business as rent in that center is quite high.


Hi HKD - Yeah, this place seem like a money grab.

Hi YY - I tried it just because it was there..... Never saw anyone else during my visits.




In local terms, I guess you could say...."make A" Kat! ;o)

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