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Wednesday, 05 June 2013



I've wanted so badly to try this place but was afraid it was too pricey . But sis recently went there with friend and said lunch was amazing . Expensive, yes, but probably not much more than Nordstrom cafe . And she said the complimentary pop overs were sooo good! Your soup looked incredible :)


The prices are not that bad. Steeper than usual but the service is oh-so-good! Have only been here once (Dec 2008). In fact, in a rare self-serving moment, here's the link (haha):

i'll have to go here again. i'd like to try that trio salad that your husband tried. I like the idea of having three different things in one dish.


Bloomies is a bit less expensive than Nieman Marcus (which is the one with popovers) Faye. Both are a bit 'higher end' than Nordstroms as far as dining experience and cost goes (you are seated and order at the first two; Nordies is cafeteria style). I think all three have exceptional food.
Sorry I missed your visit in 2008, cc (also sorry it wasn't that good). The one thing Bloomingdales is known for is frozen yogurt-which they have been serving for decades. That's going to be a separate post...


I've tried lunch at Nordstroms in SATX and was surprise by the freshness but you do pay a little bit more worth it, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it though. Next on the visit is Nieman Marcus.


If there's ever a rainy day in San Antonio, go back to Nordstroms and get the tomato soup, billy...or if you are inside the store and the air conditioning is unusually cranked up, try the soup then. It is unusually wonderful. Definitely NM in Texas...definitely.


Oh I've always been curious about this one. Haven't had a chance to check it out, but now I want to next time I'm at Fashion Valley.


You'll like it, kirbie. I miss the civilized, 'luncheons' we used to have at all the 'nicer' Department Stores. I think that's why Ikea has the cafeteria inside their stores; a similar idea.

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