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Sunday, 16 June 2013



Excellent preview for us! Bert wants that deep fried bacon wrapped dog! (Ugh!) I want to try the cream puffs you had last year (fresh ones, not the trio)and fried clams too! But not together, ha ha.


There's a bacon dog, a bacon wrapped corn dog and also the beer batter bacon dog... so many choices, cc!!! The cream puff shells are made fresh each morning and weren't ready when we had first passed the Cream Puff stand and we forgot to walk back before we left- so that will be a definite stop when we return.


What a nice roundup! It's always interesting to see fair posts from another perspective. I didn't even see some of these food stands. I was curious about that Monte Cristo.


Thanks for the cool fair post! It was cool seeing some of the stuff I missed. I should go for 2 days next year so I can see everything for myself.


Thanks, Kirbie. The Monte Cristo was *really* good-not greasy as are my usual (pan fried) grilled cheese sandwiches-the bread was dipped in the batter and only the batter was fried... I try to vary my Fair posts (going back to 2007-I've done a lot of them) to highlight new or different things as well as traditions without being repetitive; it's getting challenging.
You really can spend a lot of time at the Fair, Soo, so many competitions, exhibits as well as rides and the sales items/gadgets and then the foods.


We went to the fair the first day and saw a bunch of people get off the bus at that horse area. I wanted to park there but didn't know how. So you have to come early to get that spot? That's the one that passes the big old dirt parking lot right? We didn't eat anything because Mr. C was suffering from the gas bbq smoke. Oh well, at least we go to see the barn and flowers.


The entrance to the Horse Park is on El Camino Real, TFD. You have to follow the line of cars in front of you and they guide you to the spots in order in the morning...since people will be going to the fair and the first lots won't be empty for probably 3 or more hours (a lot of workers were on our bus). All of the lots are dirt-corrals and horse friendly). So sad you didn't eat anything:( I hope Mr. C is feeling better.

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