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Friday, 24 May 2013


Ed (from Yuma)

The old Zion was the first ethnic market I located when I moved to SD in 1997, on the same trip that I discovered Convoy.

And my life was never the same.


Omg! It's open now?! Thanks for the post! Is it better than Hmart? I bet it'll be madness there this weekend !!


I didn't know that Zion was opening today! I drove by and saw lots of cars in the parking lot, but didn't have time to check it out. From your photos, it looks like it's not quite soup yet, but I can't wait till the other shops and restaurants are open.


Thanks! I love this breaking news! Well, I'm going to avoid going here this weekend for sure and wait til things settle down. I'm looking forward to checking it out soon!


I did not know that, Ed. What a nice memory. Zion has been a regular grocer for us for many years.

Zion is still different than HMart, Faye. Each has great Korean selections and wonderful produce selections and really good prices. I could shop at either. Once Zion gets all the secondary spaces filled, though, it will probably be a bit 'more interesting' of a place to shop.

I would not have know either, Sandy, it just came up in conversation. Zion has been moving for more than a year and I had given up waiting and continued to shop there once a week. Yes, the other shops aren't ready, but just having space in the aisles and in the produce area is so nice.

You'll like it, cc. I'm thinking this is the weekend to hit HMart; it will (maybe) have smaller crowds.


Thanks for the very detailed preview! I'm curious as how it compares to Ranch 99 which is my main source of meat, produce, and Chinese sauces.


I've always shopped at both, Soo, usually on alternating weeks. The now larger Zion may keep me there longer, especially after the other shops open, but I'll still shop at 99Ranch. Although maybe I'll be checking the online sale ads a bit more regularly.


Soo-as an update, we went to 99Ranch and there was plenty of parking -at noon- on a Sunday (!!!) I now remember Zion had a very nice parking situation when HMart first opened. So, if you want to avoid crowds until the hustle and bustle dies down, shopping at 99 will be nice.


Just my luck the new Zion location would open right after we moved away from San Diego!


Thanks for the tip! I usually go in the morning or at night.


It's the same as the old location, MrZ; just with a tremendous parking lot, wider aisles and no inventory storage on the top shelves or blocking the aisles. I really gave up thinking it would ever open after about June of last year...
We usually shop in the early morning, too, Soo. I went to 99Ranch in the evening one time (thinking it was a weekend) and the crowds were insane...


I visited Ranch 99 yesterday at 4pm and it was weird. I was able to park near the front. There was a guy at the meat counter waiting to help me. There was a cashier waiting to check me out.


You didn't know this, Soo, but I check the blog comments on my iPhone, trying to catch spam quickly. It's difficult for me to write a comment back via the phone. Just know I really did LOL each time I read this comment this afternoon...enjoy these quiet times at 99...


I guess when the good times end I'll try Zion. Till then I'm going to enjoy feeling special and not part of the unwashed masses. :-)


It was the same when HMart opened, Soo; the Zion people were so nice to us. FYI: Nobody goes grocery shopping the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve at Costco has every register open and most people are finished shopping, so easy checkout. Ha- unwashed masses!

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