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Tuesday, 07 May 2013



Hi Cathy, I love the look of thick honey toast that I have a little plastic figure of it in my collection, ha. A little trivia it's said to be invented in a tokyo club (Maharaja) back in the bubble economy 80's.


Awww I was expecting something extravagant. Then you mention nutella...sold.


Hmmm, I like the nonfunctional umlaut in their signage. Reminds me of the fake rock band Spinal Tap (they put the umlaut over the "n", ha ha). Cute red phone booth too. Anglophiles maybe?

Prices are reasonable. Will have to check it out next time with TC.

Ed (from Yuma)

OK, totally weird but maybe in a good way. Looks like they would be happy with folks coming in and just hanging.

Christina C

The honey toast with condensed good.


You have the neatest collections, Dennis. Who would've thought something like 'toast' could become such a treasured food item as well as symbol?
Yes, bill, a crépe as the vessel for Nutella distribution...perfect!
You noticed the umlaut as decor, cc! The overhead muzak was mostly Beatles, but I heard Petula Clarke and Herman's Hermits as well. Do stop here; a simple and nice menu.
Different, ed, different. The decor, the menu, the things to do-many Board and Card games as well as free wifi. The Mister and I sat and talked.
Oooh, honey AND condensed milk, I think that will be my choice next time, Christina. Thanks!


Have you tried the Angels & Hearts Harajuku crepe place (it's next to RakiRaki). That's my go to place for dessert in SD right now. If you love whip cream, you will dig the version at Harajuku :)


I haven't tried Harajuku yet, Faye, but plan to after our next Crab Hut lunch, since we'll have a parking spot. We try to go out for a sweet/ dessert once a week. I do love good whipped cream...


Cathy, you have to try the honey toast at Up2You! It's my favorite thing.

(and I do like the Harajuku crepes too)


Just tried the brick toast (with condensed milk and choc ice cream - in retrospect, would have got the green tea ice cream because it looks prettier, ha ha). i love it! especially the crunchy top!

FYI - they took out the beatles frames and replaced it with empty frames, wtf.


After reading about, seeing and looking at photos of the Honey Brick Toast, I'm ready to try it soon, Jenn...and I'm sure I will be trying out more crépes soon also.
Now I'm jealous, cc. Glad all of you got to try it there and get the full 'experience'. {Maybe copyright issues follow photos as well as muzak..?}

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