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Sunday, 12 May 2013



Looks great! What kind of ice cream do they use?


I saw at least 4 different labels, Soo- Blue Bunny, Dreyers, Humboldt and one that started with a "G"(Graeters maybe). Which was kind of interesting. Suppliers may change I suppose, in any case, it was excellent ice cream.


I've never seen ice cream presented in a true waffle before (vs a waffle cone). Did they place the ice cream INSIDE the waffle and THEN put it in the panini press? Didn't that melt the ice cream? Happy belated Mother's Day!


Exactly, Faye: It was a one piece double waffle, already baked and then toasted on the grill-one side only- and cooled. Ice cream placed onto the toasted side (so it would not get soggy easily), folded and then placed onto the grill so the sandwich exterior toasted a bit and was warm..the whole waffle was toasted but only slightly warm. Since it was a fresh waffle, the slight warmth with toastiness and then ice cream made it perfect (and just the right amount of sweet).


Yay, a new place to visit(with the added benefit of having a free parking lot too!)! i just read kirbie's post then got your text photo of the waffle ice cream sandwich! great minds think alike, eh!

I enjoyed reading about your nostalgic memories of your waffle/ice cream treat.

About the last photo, is that you? :)


We really hadn't heard about The Baked Bear and just saw it when walking-how I find most places, cc. It was really good and did hit some of the best family memories. Yep-that's Mom and me.

Scott B

Hi Cathy,
Going through some old posts I missed. I grew up in Detroit, too! We lived at Grand River and Greenfield, walking distance from a Kresge and I have great memories of eating sweets at the counter there. Thanks for the great post!


Small world, Scott! Livernois and Michigan-walking distance to Kresge's also. I could ride my bike to Tiger Stadium, pay $2 for a bleacher seat and the bike would be there when the game ended. You are one of very few who would understand when I say Eastern Market is a real Farmers Market...and would not think the words "Mexican Town" were odd. Plus, when you say Detroit, you don't mean a suburb...

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