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Thursday, 02 May 2013



Hi Kirk, after all the years living here I've still yet to try the place. I enjoyed my few meat and three cafeterias in trips Nashville. By nature the quality can fluctuate but I usually have some pretty good (hearty) meals.


How is the fried chicken compared to Huffman's bbq? I use to go there and wait about 20 minutes for them to fry it up too.


Man that fried chicken looked so good. I've been wanting to go here forever! I lke old school places like this!


sounds like a great place for good food and good conversations.


Check them out when you have a chance Dennis. It totally reminds me of eating in those little mom and pop place down south.

Hi Soo - I like the batter texture better here, but I think the flavor was better at Huffman's.

Hi CC - I hope you get to check them out soon.

It was Kat!


hey kirk--the converted rice sushi comment made me remember a very forgettable meal at (cough) sugarfish by nozawa in los angeles (i was against it from the beginning, but i don't know, i thought chef nozawa was an expert or something)...the sushi rice was warm, sometimes bordering on hot. it was off-putting for me and i think probably maybe a little unsafe...? is this normal--anywhere??


Hi Santos - I've had stuff at Sasabune where the shari bordered on...well, like it was still cooking. For some reason, I think the heat changes the flavor and texture of the fish. Don't know what's up with the hot rice movement. At least they didn't serve you converted rice and try to convince you that that was how sushi was supposed to be made! ;o)

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