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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Faye ironic is it that sis took me to Chipotle for lunch today.

I haven't seen this Thai restaurant yet so I'll have to check it out. Not sure if I can afford 3 fried wings for $3 though! I'm a huge fan of duck so hopefully they'll improve the broth soon :)


too bad about this place.


Hi Faye - This place is good for students, the food is safe and pretty much fast-casual that most folks are comfortable with.

I know Kat, too bad.


I like Chipotle!!!! ;-)
Then again sometime I just don't want the hassle of a sucky @$$ meal, but I don't go out of my way for it.
Everything "looked" good. whomp whomp whomp...


Sad about the duck noodle soup and the disappearing pork leg, I was going to try one of those on my next visit. A friend recommended J&T to me based on our mutual love of 海南 雞飯 / khao man kai. I would return for that dish again although the sauce really needs some help. Singapore it ain't though *sigh*.


Hi SK - I thought the chickens wing were the best item I tried. The Hainan Chicken was better than most, but still not great. That sauce really does need some work.

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