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Sunday, 19 May 2013



This was fun and thanks for driving out this way the day! Hope things have winded down for you now. :) The eggs in the salads are so perfectly boiled here, I wish they had a giant egg salad sandwich on the menu. mmm.


There is also a Green Acre location at the very end of Campus Point Drive. It is currently a simpler version of the General Atomics location but they are planning on building a larger restaurant there as they are finishing construction on the company building that they occupy. I'm looking forward to what they offer there as I work nearby. I believe its supposed to be done by the end of summer.


Looks fresh and sounds great too we don't have something similar here in good ole SATX beside BEEF.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

I work around that area and have always meant to stop by Green Acres for lunch (there's not a whole lot of other options unless you go north to del mar or to the la jolla villa square)..ryout pictures of those amazing salads sold me!


Thank *you*for letting us know about this wonderful place, Dennis. Since the menu changes based on availability, maybe those wonderful eggs will become more prominent on the menu at some point (although the egg based breakfasts are great) . I have a *much* calmer schedule now, by the way.

I will have to find the other Green Acre locations, Gody. Thanks for the info; it really is a low key, wonderful place. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog.

Beef has its place, especially in San Antonio, Bill. We have to appreciate what is local wherever we live and fortunately the little farm area is perfect for out here.

You *must* stop here J.S. It gets crowded at the peak lunch hours, so going a bit early (11:30 or sooner) or later (after 1:30) seems best. A side salad seems to come with everything, and you'll be able to taste the fresh right away.


I really want to try this place out, ever since seeing CC's post. Love all the photos you took of the gardens.


My scientist friend works in this building and told me about this place! We're both not big fans of Malarkey so she wasn't sure how this place would turn out. But now I'm going to suggest we try it! Prices seem decent too. Is there a time limit for the parking spaces? Nice post!


That was a fun day Cathy! I'm so glad Dennis chose this place. Great post - you got to go several times! :)

@Faye - there didn't seem to be a time limit for the parking. no meters as far as I could see.


I work next door to this and have eaten there 10's of times. It is a gem!!! Do note that lunchtime wait can be insane even with the locals, but happy eating all.


You'll really like it Kirbie.

The *food* here is excellent, Faye-It's not one of those 'see and be seen' places that serves alcohol, which may be more of the reputation you're thinking a Malarkey place would be. The marked spaces are just those closest to the entrance.

If Green Acre was any closer to home, cc, I'd be there regularly. That day was memorable for so many reasons.

I'm so glad to hear from someone else who works and eats at Green Acre, dereck, welcome to the commenting side of our blog. Green Acre is not a 'company cafeteria' in any sense of the word, and you are so lucky to be able to experience it. I've seen how crowded it can get, and do avoid those times.

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