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Sunday, 14 April 2013



Definitely an oldie but a goodie!

Katie T.

That's one of my pet peeves, too, I hate watered down fish sauce. I make mine at home full strength with chilis and lime juice, and that's how I like it my whole life. My grandma in Vietnam has always made hers the same way, too. I hate restaurants that add so much sugar and water to it that I can almost drink the stuff straight. Grr!


our temps are warming up over here, hope your temps get a little warmer too.


Yes it is Jason!

Hi Katie - Agreed. Funny, one of my friend's mom actually buries it in the yard to "ripen" a bit more.

Hi Kat - Strange, it's drizzl;ing this morning. Makes me feel like I'm back home...


we ordered the clams dish during our first visit last year. i liked it until we saw the remnants of a paper wrapper in it! ugh! we didn't see it until we got home and were eating the leftovers. we liked their soups there though!


I've actually cried into my soup here when it was on the spicy side...and yet I *still* add chili oil. It always makes my day though. Too bad they are not open on Mondays.


That's terrible CC....though I would have probably eaten paper if it tasted as good as the clams!

Hi Jan - LOL! I'll just have to watch for the guy crying into his Bun Bo Hue.....


I still remember the first time we met was the first time I went to Mien Trung! Man, seven years ago? Feeling older :).

I wish there was a place like this in OC/LA. Nothing seems to come close. My law school buddy and I are constantly craving Mien Trung!


Hi Clayfu - I've gotten some recommendations for Bun Bo Hue in Little Saigon. I've got to try them out. It's been a good long time since that meal!

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