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Monday, 01 April 2013



Great post! Did you take a week to try out these places ? I'm a fan of the ramen places that have small ramen + side of protein (ie karaage) for their lunch specials.


Hi Kirk, nice round up, that was a fun day during the CV crawl. I'd totally go to Gunco more often if they were closer to me, I enjoy the ginger spiked flavors there (though the noodles could use an upgrade). All of Masa's ramen offerings are tonkotsu based, the shio being the saltier of the bunch as you say. I don't seem to mind it as much while having a few chilled beers. ;) As for Tajima, ramen aside I don't really enjoy eating while listening to Jay-Z blaring in the background, I guess I'm getting too old for that, haha. Curious I've enjoyed RakiRaki's shio more during their soft opening than after. They have serious consistency issues to contend with which is a shame. My favorite shio's are unfortunately an hour+ drive away.


I've really enjoyed the bowls of shio I've had at Yakyudori over the past few years, so I hope they aren't slipping too much.


I'm always shoveling down tonkosu ramen.
I think I will need to venture out a little.


Hi Faye - I did this over the course of about 2 1/2 weeks. I was pretty burnt out after. ;o)

Hi Dennis - Funny, the music at Tajima never really bothered me.

Hi Mike - I was kind of surprised at the ramen at Yakyudori.....hopefully it's not a permanent thing.

Hi Billy - You must have a tongue of steel! LOL! ;o)

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Thanks for the comprehensive SD ramen summary! I do agree with what you said about Tajima being better after a couple beers, I for have never been there before 1 am haha.


Wow that ramen at Hinotez looks so sad. I agree that it's better to go there for breakfast. My getting ramen there was sort of by accident because we thought we were in time for breakfast, but had just missed out, so we were stuck with lunch.


What would the list of second tier ramen be? My list would include Ichiro, Teri Cafe, Chopstix and Sakura. What we really need in SD is some decent udon or soba.


My son and I finally made it back to Gunco and were sure glad we did. The shio ramen was excellent and the chasu, unlike yours was melt in your mouth good. If it only was closer...


hit and misses there...


HI JS - That must be the optimal scenario! ;o)

Hi Kirbie - Yeah, it was.

Hi Junichi - Yes, that's it with a couple more thrown in. I'm not sure it's worth my time....or effort.

Hi Jack - It seems the ramen there is getting better.

Hi Kat - Yes, hits and misses.


Have you been to Yamadaya? It's by far my favorite Ramen spot in SD... I also really enjoy Santouka.


Hi Ren - Yes, many, many times:

Here's a comparison post:

Other posts:


I can completely understand the feeling of hitting a wall with Ramen. When Matthew and I were in Japan during this past month, it didn't take many days of eating ramen for me to start craving a salad, big time =)


Hi Lynnea - LOL! I now know how you two felt.

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