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Thursday, 04 April 2013



May I inquire on why the Missus no like the other white meat?
My sister in law sat on her pet chick and vowel to never eat chicken again.


Heehee, funny sign. I'm surprised about the employee who didn't speak Chinese either. So used to everyone in that area being required to speak and read to be able to work there. Usually when we go, they just immediately start speaking in Chinese, even to DH.


Hi Billy - It's because of some TV commercial she saw a couple of years ago.

I love the signs Kirbie, you can always find one in that 99 Ranch Market. It's funny that they speak Mandarin to DH....


That sign was hilarious! I *seriously* wonder who makes these signs. I was working on some 99 ranch findings today as well :)


funny engrish :)


Hi Faye - I'm not sure who makes these signs....though I really don't want them to stop!

It is Kat!


Off topic I heard that Lucky Star Restaurant in Rolando is closed?
Can anyone confirm this and give any details?


Hey Buddha - That's affirmative:

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