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Thursday, 25 April 2013



I've never had snails . Too scared to. Without sounding too naive , do they taste like clams :(

Katie T.

It depends on the type of snails. I remember the whelks like those in the above pictures, and they're very meaty and muscular, and a lot more chewy than clams.


eep bad snails :(


No Faye - When good, they have a mild flavor, most of it is texture.

Hi Katie - I've actually had very tender large Oc and they are meaty like you say. These were like eating pieces of tire. These actually weren't those. They looked like the canned escargot you buy in the market.

LOL Kat!


Its like dejavu I swear I've been to this place for breakfast. I guess eggs and baguette is nothing to shout about. If my memory serves me right Thanh Ha on the corner of Magnolia and Bolsa and a few doors down from Le Corissant makes some go cha ca and bun cha hanoi. Definitely I stop when I'm in OC is July.


Hi Billy - I've heard about the Banh Xeo at Thanh Ha but not the Cha Ca...will have to check it out.


This is the first time I've heard of sizzling plates containing fish. Looks great though.


Hi Christine - Cha Ca Thang Long is a much beloved Northern Vietnamese dish. The versions in the states are usually served on sizzling plates without the two cups of oil. It's really good stuff!


If you walk in with me, you will have much better service.


Hey Beach - We've been back a couple of times and the service has been much better.

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